Free Audio: 30 Minutes In Heaven. A Babysitter Role-Play

Tags: [F4m][Babysitter][Roleplay][Age][Script Fill]

Age: Implied Teen

Fans of hot babysitter porn will love this one!

This was the first audio that I ever created. It’s about a boy (you) getting ready to go to a party, and well, we all know what you boys are secretly hoping for when you go to parties!

That’s right, you’re hoping to get laid. As a student that’s surrounded by teen girls all day, I know you’re desperate to get your cock into some of that wet teen pussy.

The only problem? Girls usually want a guy that has experience. Or at the very least, one that knows what he’s doing.

So, being the nice babysitter that I am, I let you practice on me! Listen as I guide you on how to do everything right… to turn a girl on and make her feel special.

I’ll get you ready, in hopes you’ll get to fuck a tight teen cunt tonight!

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