Taboo Audio: Junkie Mom Sells Daughter

Tags: Prostitution, Exploitation, Taboo, Abusive Mother, Violence Towards Mother, Incest, Ageplay Length: 21 Minutes You and your friend are used to banging prostitutes, but today you head on over to the trashy side of town… where you’ll find all those worthless whores desperate to get their next fix. Those drug addicted mothers will do anything … Read more

Taboo Audio: Nothing Butt Your Daughter’s Undies

Tags: Sporty Girl, Panties, Pussy Scent, Butt Scent, Naughty Surprise, Daughter Watching Porn Mentions, Butt Sniffing Length: 18 Minutes I bring you into bed, and ask you to close your eyes. And that’s when I pull out my special surprise… the panties are young daughter wore during her entire weekend soccer tournament. You know the … Read more

Taboo Audio: Your Daughter, The Surrogate

Tags: Father / Daughter, Impregnation, Breeding, Loving Sex Length: 15 Minutes After trying for so long, I’ve come to realize that I’m just unable to conceive another daughter for you, despite how badly we both want one. Lucky for us, our sweet and caring daughter volunteers to take my place. She will be the one … Read more

Taboo Audio: Finding Little Abby On Cam Roulette

Tags: Camgirl, Sneaky Behavior, Happy Accident Length: 19 Minutes While flipping through webcams one night on our favorite camgirl website, you and I discover our sweet little daughter Abby has a naughty little secret… and we both take advantage of it. She has no idea we’re the ones on the other side of the screen, … Read more

Taboo Audio: Distant Wife, Loving Daughter

Tags: Little Pussy, Daughter Takes Your Wife’s Place, Pussy Licking, Fucking Length: 20 Minutes Sex with your wife has gotten stale. In fact, it’s basically non-existent. And she’s cold and distant towards you. She travels a lot for work, leaving you at home, alone with your daughter. Your daughter has noticed that things aren’t quite … Read more

Patreon Exclusive: Teen Social Media Sluts

Tags: Taboo, Teens, Gooning, Perv Encouragement, JOI, Dancing, Ass Shaking, Bikinis, Edging Encouragement Length: 12.5 Minutes There’s a new app that all the teenage girls really seem to love… TikTok. And honestly, it feels like it was designed for perverts like you. Open it up and before long, you’ll have an infinite feed of horny … Read more