Paid Audio: I Just Want You To Be My Good Pet

Tags:¬†Femdom, Good Boy, Pet Play, Pornstar Meetup, Female Worship, Goddess, Man Loses Virginity, Virgin Man, Training Length:¬†15 Minutes This goddess just wants you to be her pet and good boy, and tells you what she would do to you if you two met for real. she mentions how she would dominate you, take your virginity … Read more

Paid Audio: If You’re Really A Man Then Take Me

Tags: Cheating, Emotional, Friends To Lovers, Impregnation, Rebellious Girl, Rich Girl, Romantic, Switch, Tomboy, School Length: 27 Minutes Today’s subject is a badass scary delinquent street fighter type who actually has the heart of a sensitive maiden. Why does such a sweet girl spend her days cutting class to smoke on the school rooftop? In … Read more

Paid Audio: Shudo, Becoming A Warrior Woman’s Apprentice

Tags: Warrior, Samurai, Master And Apprentice, Mean Girl, Femdom, Breast Play, Strangers To Lovers, Tsundere, Tomboy, Japanese Length: 17 Minutes In this audio, I play a samurai warrior woman, roaming the lands in ancient Japan. After meeting me in a tavern, you ask to become my apprentice. With a bit of reluctance… I accept. But … Read more

Paid Audio: Less Professional Footjob Therapy

Tags: Feet, Footjob, Therapy, Professional Woman, Stockings Length: 14 Minutes My name is Lexi, and I’ve been hired to help you get over your obsession with women’s feet. But I’m not like the other therapists – I don’t want you to suppress your urges. No, my therapy style is more… pleasurable. There’s a reason I … Read more

Paid Audio: Pre-Game Ritual

Tags: Tomboy, Runner, Track Star, Virgin Male, Experienced Woman, Shy, Body Heat, Teens, School, Cock Milking, Athlete, Strangers To Lovers Length: 19 Minutes This one’s for anybody who’s ever fantasized about having a girl with a six-pack approach them on the street and immediately ask to bang. Most athletes have pre-game rituals of some sort, … Read more

Paid Audio: I’m Your Wife Now, You Owe Me Your Cum

Tags: Femdom, Husband / Wife, Blackmail, Wedding Night, First Time, Virgin Male, Riding Length: 11 Minutes It’s yours and your wife wedding night, and she’s not listening to none of the “I’m not ready for sex” talk tonight.. you two are going to fuck, even if she has to blackmail you. Script by MyNameMadeYouSmiley. How … Read more

Paid Audio: Door-to-Door Cookie Delights

Tags: Little Pussy, Girl Scouts, Mother Pimps Daughter, Pussy Licking, Blowjob, Fucking, Calling You A Perv Length: 16 Minutes A mother and her daughter stop by your house to sell you some cookies for the girl’s scout troop fundraiser. They have a very interesting way to convince men to buy cookies from them! The girl … Read more

Taboo Audio: Distant Wife, Loving Daughter

Tags: Little Pussy, Daughter Takes Your Wife’s Place, Pussy Licking, Fucking Length: 20 Minutes Sex with your wife has gotten stale. In fact, it’s basically non-existent. And she’s cold and distant towards you. She travels a lot for work, leaving you at home, alone with your daughter. Your daughter has noticed that things aren’t quite … Read more

Patreon Exclusive: Teen Social Media Sluts

Tags: Taboo, Teens, Gooning, Perv Encouragement, JOI, Dancing, Ass Shaking, Bikinis, Edging Encouragement Length: 12.5 Minutes There’s a new app that all the teenage girls really seem to love… TikTok. And honestly, it feels like it was designed for perverts like you. Open it up and before long, you’ll have an infinite feed of horny … Read more

Patreon Exclusive: Heaven for Men

Tags: Angel, Guardian Angel, Divine Magic, Heaven, Infinite Pleasure, Spiritual, Multiple Orgasms, Anything Is Possible, Fantasy, Freeuse, Spanking, Mythical, Pronebone, Rough Sex Length: 17 Minutes Sadly, in this audio, you’ve died. But wait! It’s not so bad! Heaven is a very different place than you’ve been led to believe it might be by the religious … Read more