Patreon Announcement!

Some people have asked me about it, so I’ve decided to set up a Patreon (which is now live!) You are cordially invited to join me for early-access and exclusive audios, a private Discord server, and lots of other fun behind-the-scenes material. You’ll also be able to help shape the sort of recordings that I … Read more

News: The Girlfriend Experience

If you’ve been reading the new posts on my site, you maybe saw that I’ve started a “safe for work” YouTube channel, Loving Lexi. Now that it’s up and has two videos published, I wanted to give you a little more detail about it! YouTube doesn’t allow any pornographic or erotic content, so there can’t … Read more

Banned On Motherless… Wanna Guess Why?

Hey guys! I received a ban from Motherless today on my account that I only just started using! The ban reason? “Illegal activity”. Who wants to guess which one of these did it? 1. Leaving a comment on an incest orgy video saying how much I wish I had a family like that. 2. Uploading … Read more